Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

provo canyon

Hey Jude.


fun in DC

We spent a week in Washington DC, going to Ameena's wedding, visiting family, seeing the sights, and seeing Jessica's stomping ground.

Night on the town.

Late night bike ride around the city. A few miles on the bikes and we were able to see most of the monuments.

White House.

Steps of the Lincoln Monument.

We visited a bunch of museums. Malina liked most of them; especially the art museums because she could hear her echo when she screamed. We didn't last long.

She liked this one.

Happy to not be in a stroller.

View of the Washington monument from the steps of the Capital building.

Hanging at the Mall.

J's old house.

Ameena's wedding.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

surfer girls

My girls paddling at Hapuna Beach, HI.

braveing the ocean

Malina loves the waves. She gets mad when we take her out of the water. And even falls asleep in her tube.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

November thru December....

Its been so long since we've updated what we have been up to the last few months. Here is a quick look on the past few months.

First things first... We were feeling tight in our place and so we moved in to a town home a few doors down that had more square footage, an extra bedroom, back yard, double garage, and more room to breath! We are loving it.

last night in our old place...

Nov 15th...We celebrated our six year anniversary in November. Hotel Down town, Hot tub, Cheesecake factory, sleeping in, late breakfast, sleeping more, movies, Carmel corn and hours of undivided attention with the man i love...bliss.

we stayed at the restaurant for almost three hours! I forget how nice dinner can be when its just the two of us...

Yesss! Cheesecake to bring home

Gabe's sister blessed their sweet baby girl (kaia) in December. We gathered at their house after to eat yummy food and spend time's Malina begging for food...

TheCorotan Brothers:

Thanksgiving, after the big meal:

grandpa corotan has the special touch... he can put malina in this hold and she will be out in minutes..

Mesmerized by the tree...

malina was so excited to set up the Christmas tree...she couldn't help but grab on to all the sparkling ornaments...

Book Club: The women in my book club are incredible! We all come from different backgrounds, interests, opinions, views, which makes each discussion so interesting. I truly admire each of these women and i consider myself so blessed to know them. They are all strong, brilliant, creative, warm, witty, beautiful,....i could really go on forever... we laugh, we cry, we talk, we eat, its always an eventful night when we meet.

Flashing lights...We ventured out in the cold to see the beautiful lights in temple square. The best part was that there was hot chocolate waiting for us at the visitors center and my friend Jessie's mind boggeling delicious cookies that i would lie, cheat and steal for...thanks Jessie for saving me the trouble.

our friends Lina & Oto

Cheers to a night on the town! Compliments of Omniture
A Black Tie Event(Gabe's company rents tuxes for all the guys and give a dress budget to the ladies) We got all dressed up, ate some delicious food, and dusted off our dancing shoes...i fell in love with gabe all over again on the dance floor...

A typical Saturday nap...

First taste of Christmas giving...

Snow day! Malina's first go at sledding

Christmas Eve Dinner

Kels & Dan

Corotan family: Performing at our family Christmas Program

Malina's first Christmas Present: pajamas of course...its a fetui tradition

Christmas Program: My sister Aimee really is incredible. She has established this tradition to do a nativity/program on Christmas eve. She writes out a program that includes scriptures, music, costumes (made by my mom) the kids memorize lines and dress as Mary, Joseph, Wise men, Angels...last year Malina was just a few months old so she naturally played baby Jesus. This year she was a lamb. Gabe played the guitar, Ryan played the ukulele, my Aunt Karen the Piano and my cousin Sammie the violin. We were lucky to have Gabe's family in town this year which definitely added to our program (since music just runs in their blood), they sang a beautiful Christmas song while Alton played the uke. It really was such a special program and the kids really love being a part of it...
The cutest lamb i ever did see...

Christmas Morning

here's Malian showering her one of her presents with hugs. It was love at first sight, her and Spanish Jose are inseparable..

Malina's first bike. thanks to grandma and grandma corotan

Learning how to text with Auntie Kels