Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend in St. George

Gabe and i escaped to St. George last weekend with our friends Lina and Oto. We were lucky enough to be invited by them. They had a time share that needed usin and we were happy to help. Thanks guys! We rented a car and all cruised down together. It was a nice and relaxing weekend. Good food, good company, and beautiful weather (sigh). They have a little guy a few months older then have probably seen him in some pictures here before.


so Lina and i thought we'd give the babies a quick bath...let me tell you bath's for Malina are calm and mellow, i wash her hair and she plays with her toys. She splashes a little bit here and there. Well from what Lina tells me Lil O's bath times are quite different. Malina gave him a little friendly splash and he returned it with a tidal wave! It was intense to say the the time the bath was over the floor was covered in you can see, they had a blast...

she loved the swing...

Daddies and kiddies

Mamas and babies

Thrill Seeking

Doubled up

workin on her strut

Oct 30th: i am so excited for Halloween i can hardly stand it! Guess what i'm gunna be...


(she looked so cute in her costume I was tempted to dress her in it the next day)

Lil O and Auntie Lina

Outside Omniture's insane Halloween Party

Gabe's team at work was assinged to be characters from the cartoon network Aqua Teen Hunger Force..hence the french fry costume

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Malina (October 8th)

We had a little family celebration for Malina's first birthday. It was a good thing that her shindig wasn't on the day of her actual birthday because I'm certain i would have been a mess. I have to admit that October 8th was a sad day for me. I couldn't be happy about my little baby turning one. I couldn't help but think how fast she has grown, how much she has changed, and how every year October 8th will come even quicker.

I know that Malina and i will always have a special bond because she is my first. There is something unique about your first. Everything about life is so new. Gabe and i would lay in bed with her between us and stare at her for hours. I remember holding her little body in my arms in the middle of the night and feeling a connection that seemed older than time. I would memorize her expressions, the curve of her ears, the color of her olive skin. Those first few months had its challenges for us both, but with each new development we learned and understood each other more completely.

I love that for the time being i am the one that can fix it all...when she bumps her head and needs a kiss, when she is sick with a fever and needs to be held, when she is sleepy and needs to be rocked, when she is hungry and needs to be fed, i am hers, and she is mine. As overwhelming as this sounds, it's the intensity of it that makes it amazing and allows me to love her so completely. I treasure this time we have together. Just the two of us during the day till daddy gets home; of course it's her favorite part of the day. I hear that every year brings more on with the next...

I love you Malina....Happy birthday baby girl.
hello, i'm malina

MY daddy...

Nana, Mama, Auntie Aimee (I missed my Autie Tanya)

Uncle Dan, Grandpa, Auntie Kels and Uncle Nick

its my party and i'll sleep if i want to...

Just slide the silver slipper on...hurry before its midnight!

My birthday Dinner...

fruit bouquets

yummy! special cupcakes by the sweet tooth fairy!

more pretty (thanks auntie megs)

Yummy cookies! (auntie mandi, auntie caroline, and auntie mimi made em special for me!)

a whole cake just for little me?

so you want me to just go for it? i go!

Uh oh!...

i'm stuffed!

a cell phone! yeah thanks auntie kels

my first doll! i'll love her forever, thank you nana!

ohh! so many presents...thanks everybody!