Monday, October 20, 2008

Krabi, Thailand

Krabi was the perfect ending to our excursion through Thailand...3 cities, 3 flights, 3 kids, 7 days. It was an adventure. Whew we got to Krabi, we laid by the pool, ate yummy food, and just relaxed. The beach was like nothing i had ever seen; rocky cliffs meeting right up with the green ocean. If i clicked my heels together right now i'd dream of going back here for a day....

cousins pictures

our little family

One of the best things about this trip was all the quality time i had with tanya. I treasured each day with her....we laughed till we cried. I miss you so T please come visit us soon!

Malina loved the independence she had at the beach....this was her signiture crawl on our trip

gabe= water toy

mini happy as ever

my sweet pea...

she's lovin skinny dippin

at two in the afternoon this beach apears when the tides are low

our little lady sound asleep

my sweet kiara

me and my sis

Gabe husked and cut this coconut himself...its in the hawaiian blood i guess...

under the sea...

Chaing Mai, Thailand

I loved Chaing Mai...we enjoyed this charming city and the beautiful people. We experienced lost of exciting things here...this was probably my favorite part of the trip.

Malina and i making a new friend

Picture taken while elephant trekking

Mama and baby

Long neck village

Kiki and Malina hanging out

Gabe:"You know that show when animals attack"

Jess: "yeah, what about it?"

Gabe: " Well its always in Thailand"

Super brave Tai kissing the snake

Super brave monkey kissing gabe

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Malaysia and Thailand= Best trip ever

I fell in love with Malaysia...or maybe I fell in love with Tanya's life there. I'm still not sure which one it is. But as our trip came to an end i was asking Tanya if we could move in with her.

We had an amazing time to say the least. Tanya and Tai were outstanding hosts. And Tanya is quite the tour guide. She showed Gabe and I the ins and outs of Malaysia. We packed in three days of intese sight seeing before taking off to Thailand. From muay thai kick boxing class, to gorgeous mosques, butterfly sanctuaries, monkey sitings, and quality time with kiki and kaile.... we were on cloud nine. Malina was a dream. We dragged her everywhere and she smiled through it all. Here's a few pictures of our site seeing in Malaysia....

260+ stairs to reach this temple

one of the many monkey encounters

id Jamek Mosque:The oldest mosque in KL...Malina forgot her birka

Tanya and i trying to look submissive...i think she looks more seductive, she can't help it...

beautiful grounds of the butterfly sanctuary...

yes, that gorgeous specimen is mine...

We left the babies at home with sweet Ivy, and went to the best buffet ever...amazing Indian, Thai, and Malay food. Yummy!

Mowgli and Baloo...