Monday, September 15, 2008

Thailand - Chiang Mai and Bangkok

This is just a quick overview of our trip so far.

Malina has been great on the 6 flights she has been on so far this trip. Only 4 more to go.

If this looks unsafe, it’s because it is. We were in a cage with 5 tigers.

Malina is ready to split if things get crazy.

Snake farm. Once again, not safe.

This a Tuktuk. Thailand transportation and a ton of fun.

Car seat.

This was awesome. Malina wasn’t afraid at all.

But Jessica was.

Riding on the back of an elephant was one of the craziest things ever. Our driver, Kung, usually sits on the head, but he jumped off to take some pictures of us.

Tai, Tanya, Kiara and Kaile, our travel companions.

These oxen ride like a fine European automobile, except hot, slow and very bumpy. It was great.

Awesome boat ride down a river.

This is a lady in the longneck village in the hills of Thailand. It’s crazy, they really have long necks.

About to hike some stairs to a temple.

Inside the temple. Malina is learning to cheese it up for pictures.

The temples are very colorful and intricate, usually with red and gold paint.

The people are very nice and love to talk with us. Mostly they love Malina. She is great because the usually waves and smiles back.

Another temple. It seems like there are hundreds of them in Chiang Mai alone.

We are usually carrying Malina or pushing her in a stroller. It is rare that we let her roam around on her own, but when we do, she goes crazy.

We walked past a monk school.

We got front row seats to a Muy Thai boxing fight in Bangkok.